CdS – Brozovic to be put on the market in January


Marcelo Brozovic could be sacrificed in January to bring in money for a central defender. The Croatian failed in the recent mounts was linked with clubs including Juve, Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea. He cannot expect much playing time this season.

Source: Corriere dello Sport

  • fabrice nataf

    Bye Bye & never back here !!!

  • Huacanacha

    We have 5 midfielders for 3 positions so with injuries, form, suspensions etc he will almost certainly get decent minutes even if he’s 5th choice. Hopefully Spaletti can keep him motivated, in which case he can be a good backup option especially for Gagliardini who hasn’t recover his best form. That will also keep Brizo warm for the next transfer windows – January or next season – as I’m sure we will try to move him on as soon as we can find a replacement.