Jovetic: “I will tell you a little story”


In an interview for Goal, Jovetic talks about his move to Monaco:

“I’ll tell you a little story, I was at Inter and thought about what would happen. I talked to my girlfriend and told her, Monaco are a big club, why haven’t they called me? The next day I received a call from my agent, who told me that Monaco were interested in me. I replied, great, I was talking about them to my girlfriend yesterday! Honestly, I’m happy. They talked to my agent before calling me. It was during this phone call that I became convinced. It’s something you feel inside. I didn’t think about it for long and decided to come here. Marseille? I knew they wanted me, but I never said I wanted to go there and they knew that. I’m grateful to OM because they’re a good club, but I chose Monaco.

Source: Goal